Almost Drown

Almost drowned again

please anyone i really need a buoy right now

I don't want to drown a second time

I think I've had enough of what yesterday made me feel dark

if this suggestion doesn't want to get out of my mind

I will try to force and fight for myself

They are really strong and don't give up

attack me when I'm weak

But I always try and keep rejecting any suggestion from them

Feeling afraid of the state of my feelings

So please someone invite me to chat and talk so that I don't stay silent as if I'm alone

because suggestions that don't look more terrible than words or just real blasphemy

they can do anything for you

for you who are under

and what i know is that if i trust their negative suggestions once, i believe and believe that i can do worldly negativity

walking alone without me feeling aware as if all of this life is really very easy without any regrets

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