Feeling Comes and desire to love you

 again and again

this feeling comes unexpectedly

spoil my mind with soul full of emotion

giving myself the desire to survive, this is really stupid

someone like an angel sometimes looks at me, walks and turns around questioningly, always thinking about it

I always try to be strong and endure

with the simple taste that I have

heart & mind really make me weak

Is there still a chance,

for both of us to be together


I will always try and look for gaps, so that we can unite without any problems, on another day

Even though you're tall like the moon

I always pray that I can see the beautiful full moon at night, with you

the two of them looked at each other, then

with that blank stare

I hope,

can spend one night with you

until dawn comes and we both don't forget everything

If there is still tomorrow

I hope we can still meet and you turn to me and then you answered the question mark in your eyes when you stayed with me

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