time is not your hate

 the days were so chaotic and too far away

to think that all is well

how did i get this far

give up the hope that I used to be

maybe everything has become a way for me

so that I will not be arrogant in the future

but why

only me feel

I don't think all is well

slowly i think that this is a mistake

their fault that brought me down

is this my wish?

don't call all this regret

this really hurts and hurts me

give way so steep

I will surpass, I will reach and I have it all

it's okay if you have to wait a long time

because no one can be patient but me

really all make me disappointed

regret and emotion I feel right now

there is only a feeling of wanting to kill and then burn everything

So far only seen a lot of people say rude

and I just shut up and watch

ok, if this is what you want

without a sense of kindness I will live every time

because I didn't start it

don't blame me in the future

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